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The Lettered Collective

Rechargable Laser Lighter

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Our new rechargable laser lighters are simple to use & stylish! 

Available in 4 different colours - Gold / Black / Silver & Bronze. 

How to use:

  • To charge, connect a micro-USB cable to the lighter, then turn on the power source.
  • Allow the lighter to fully charge, then disconnect the cable.
  • Unlock the safety switch
  • Hold the power/ignition button down
  • Ignite candlewick with laser


  • Each battery indicator LED light shows 20% power
  • Charging takes 1-2 hours
  • Each ignition lasts 8-10 seconds
  • A charge lasts over 100 uses


  • Keep the safety switch locked when storing the lighter
  • Avoid getting wax on the electrodes as this can impede the laser. Gently brush between the electrodes to clean off any residue when the lighter is off and locked.
  • Avoid keeping the laser in the flame for more than 2 seconds