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The Lettered Collective

Frosted White & Gold Electroplated Candle

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Our Personalised Matt Black & Gold Electroplated Personalised Candles are absolutely stunning and one of the most on-trend pieces for your home! The ultimate in-home luxury!

Our Candles use only the best Sox Wax and cotton wicks and are personalised individually by me. Spoil your someone special with our delicious smelling candles today!

Approximate burn time -

Medium: 33 hours / 200grams

Large: 48 hours / 300grams

Extra Large: 63 hours / 400grams

## Please note - each candle is handmade & hand poured by me.
Our personalisation is not just a sticker, I have to prepare your font, cut the design & I have to weed off the vinyl not needed to bring your personalisation to life- then I have to apply each name/word etc individually... this takes time ! The end product is nothing less then gorgeous which is why your here!